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What Our Clients say

Feeling Lighter, More Positive and Able To Make Decisions

Jen is a great coach.  Her support and guidance through tricky times and encouragement starting up a new small business made a big difference to me. She is intuitive and empowering.  I look forward to our sessions and always leave feeling lighter, more positive and able to make decisions. She was recommended to me and I recommend her to you. 

Fi Ronsberg – General Practitioner, Perth

Outstanding Support

“Jen is an outstanding support in all aspect of work and life. She takes a true personal interest in each person’s journey and draws on immense knowledge and experience to guide and encourage. I highly recommend Jen for anyone who is looking to get back on track, change direction, or feels they have lost their way.”

Professor Mark Griffin – Academic Leader



“Working with Jen has been amazing!!!! She is friendly, compassionate and understanding. I can talk about anything with her, very open-minded and she will ask the right questions to understand what you need and "bammm" she delivers.

Jen helped me in various aspect of my life - personal and professional. 

When I first met Jen, my relationship with my parents was a "train wreck" and very toxic.  After a couple of sessions, my relationship has improved considerably. I am able to affirm myself as a person and maintain my boundaries with my mother whereas with my father, I can have a normal conversation with him without getting angry. Things have changed for the best and Jen taught me that by changing my way of thinking and by adopting the right behaviour, I will obtain what I want. 


Also, I have multiple anecdotes regarding work where Jen helped me to build my assertiveness and to embrace who I was in order to thrive at work. Thanks to her I am able to lead, save lives and I am moving forward to reach my career goals. 


I am not as anxious as I used to be and I don't feel "blue" anymore. I am able to recentre myself whenever I find myself worrying about something and in regards of feeling "blue", I honestly don't feel "blue" anymore. I used to feel "blue" this deep profound sadness that would hit me out of nowhere and I would curl up in bed feeling "very sad" on my days-off not knowing where it was coming from. Jen helped me clear all those negative feelings and gave me the tools to move forward. 


I strongly recommend those sessions with Jen, this might sound cliché but honestly it is freaking LIFE CHANGING. I am happier than I was before, I can see the improvement that I made - still a work in progress and I am moving forward without looking back. 


Mental health is very important in every aspect of one's life. Having a healthy happy mind is gold!!! Not taking care of it is like a car that ran out of fuel and trying to move forward!!! “

K.C – Doctor, Perth


Inner transformation was immensely valuable and worth every session

“I approached Jen after experiencing ongoing difficult exchanges arising from personality issues from a colleague at work.  The alternative was to walk away or stay and deal with toxic interchanges from week to week.  Firstly, Jen is a great listener and someone to whom you feel you can talk about anything.  Secondly, she helped me re-perceive my experiences through a new lens and gave pragmatic and practical advice on dealing with day to day situations with this particular colleague.  She enabled a transition of perception inside of me which meant I can engage with work without engaging with the problematic person.  Without her help, I was in a downward spiral of defeat.  With her help, I no longer am affected by the toxic interchanges that are a part of my workplace.  This inner transformation was immensely valuable and worth every session.”

Sarah – CEO, Perth


Helped me find focus, positivity and success

“When I first started seeing Jen I was going through some big life changes and wanted to make sure my work life stayed focused.  I didn’t really anticipate that all aspects of my life could benefit from coaching with Jen, but they have.  Jen helped me find focus, positivity and success .. and lose the unnecessary things that were holding me back. I would highly recommend her coaching style – it’s thoughtful, considered, spiritual, practical and motivating.”

Sarah – Mortgage Broker, Perth


‘Can Do’, Positive and Motivated

I found Jen to be a ‘can do’, positive and motivated person. Her enthusiasm to believe and achieve is infectious. Complementing her obvious drive and ambition are her caring and thoughtful qualities.

These qualities make Jen a perfect coach for people in various stages of life looking to achieve happiness.

I have experienced positive changes in my life since working with Jen and will continue to implement Jens invaluable advice and techniques in my ongoing journey to achieve personal success.

Matt - Property Development Consultant, Perth


Positive Impact

Hi Jen I thought of you today and what a positive impact you have had on my life. Wanted to thank you again.

Natalie - Lawyer, Perth 


Why Do We Wait So Long Before We Seek Guidance or Help?

I have just completed a 3 month, group of 12 sessions with Jen & am feeling so much happier for it,

Ideally I should have contacted her a good 6 months earlier,

I found Jens approach to be caring & direct which I personally love, never judgemental, but overall very supportive,

I had huge positive results from the very first sessions & from there the remaining sessions basically helped me to confirm & clarify my thoughts, decisions & choices moving forward.

Overall it has been a huge benefit for me personally as well as professionally to spend time with Jen,

David Rowe - Managing Director, Perth


Out of Distress

I began seeing Jen in a time when I was in a state of absolute distress. I was stressed about all things past, present and future and I could not see a path forward.

Jen's working style is very calm and genuine. she makes you feel like nothing you say or think is in anyway wrong or abnormal. She manages to challenge the behaviours that are negative and holding you back without making you feel bad about yourself. Jen is very open and accepting and changes her style to suit the client.

My experience with Jen is that she is very positive and it seems to be infectious when you are with her, yet she doesnt even seem to be trying to be positive, she just is. Nothing is fake or text book. All her interactions are from deep down. she is very knowledgeable with all aspects of health, mental, physical and spiritual yet she doesnt push one aspect more than the other. she kind of lets the client take the lead on which aspect suits them better. this makes the sessions with jen very enjoyable and easy.

I have gained so much from seeing Jen. I am a calm and positive person all the time. she has given me the tools to deal with new and old stresses in my life. I am a better person physically and mentally since I have seen Jen.

Natalie – Lawyer, Perth


Intuitive Coaching Style

Jen's Coaching style is open, intuitive, flexible and is good at getting to the why - ie core drivers first.
My experience of working with Jen is I always come away with a sense that we are heading somewhere for a reason.  She gets us back on track in our business and motivated through being driven by something that we know is grounded in a core purpose.  Not bogged down with the running of the business, more about bigger picture stuff.

Ben Croudace Architect, CEO & Founder of The Model Shop, Perth


Insightful and Non-Judgemental

Jen is knowledgeable, warm, insightful, patient, non-judgemental,  thought-provoking, confronting (in a good way!)

Working with Jen has been enlightening and empowering. What started off as what I thought was a relatively straightforward problem (weight loss) seems to have a pretty complex answer. I am being held accountable for my thoughts and actions and tackling my self-limiting beliefs. Working with Jen is beginning to feel like it is opening up a whole new world for me that I always knew was there but just didn’t know how (or was afraid) to access.

Samantha – Lawyer, Perth


Happiness Levels Up

The changes that have had the biggest impact on me since my first session with Jen would have to be my overall happiness.  Now when I think of competition I get butterflies in my stomach and an excitement that I haven’t felt in years, compared to the fearful  tightness in my chest and the impending dread.  One other thing is when things don’t go to plan I don’t get angry at everyone and feel like I’m the one missing out while everyone else in the family gets what they want.  And lastly (this is still weird to hear myself say)  when I look in the mirror I no longer see the worn out dishrag in need of cosmetic surgery but I think I look good for my age.

Thanks to Jen!!!!!

At this stage it is clear to me there is so much more I am capable of.  I now realise that my competition concerns are only the tip of the iceberg.

Kathryn - Elite Athlete, QLD


Overcome My Internal Barriers

I started seeing Jen to help me through a major transition in my life and career. Not only did Jen help me identify what was making the transition hard, she helped me overcome my internal barriers keeping me from embracing the value of my new life. I'm eternally grateful for the perspective Jen helped me develop and how dramatically my mental and spiritual health has improved as a result of working with her. She has been a blessing and a pleasure to work with - welcoming, encouraging and genuine! 

Amanda - Oil & Gas professional

Lasting Changes

I started seeing Jen Atkins two years ago because I felt that I really wasn’t achieving all that I could in life. I lacked self-confidence and my anxiety stopped me from taking risks. I felt like I wasn’t living my life to the fullest and was frustrated by seeing people succeed and seemingly glide through life effortlessly as my brain and negative thoughts held me back. 

Jen helped me to stop being so hard on myself. She taught me to be more kind to myself, to have some self-compassion and speak kindly to myself. She is so insightful and never made me feel stupid for doing the things I was but rather pointed out how detrimental some of my thoughts and actions were to my mental health and life in general. 

With Jen’s support I have developed the ability to observe my thinking patterns and instead of resisting my reality, I have learned to accept ‘what is so’ and go with the flow. She has taught me to be trusting of myself whilst riding the ups and downs of life. Life coaching is not a quick fix, but if you want to make lasting changes to the way your see yourself and operate in this world Jen Atkins is the coach to have beside you for the long haul.
With all my love and appreciation,

Sarah Young – Teacher and Naturopath

The Hard Questions

Jen's coaching style is very direct as she asks some hard questions but she has a very compassionate nature and that comes across when she asks the questions and guides me through my thoughts.  I feel very comfortable discussing any topic with Jen no matter how personal as she doesn't judge. She just helps me understand why things are the way they are and helps me look at other ways to see things.  She has a very calming voice which I find very soothing as it sometimes takes the edge off what we are discussing.

My typical experience in working with Jen is a positive one.  Even though I know I might undercover things I have been afraid to look at I still come away from our sessions with positive thoughts and a feeling that I am getting somewhere, that I am growing and moving forward.  That's a nice feeling to come away with given how sensitive and life changing things are for me at the moment.  I look forward to our calls as I know something positive will come out of them.

Sharon – Executive assistant, Melbourne


Confidence on the improve

Working with Jen has been a very beneficial process. Having a chance to take a step out of the day to day and to reflect back on the path I have travelled and the next few steps. When i first came to Jen I was frustrated with the way forward and more importantly how to get there. After meeting with Jen I felt more organised, more excited about the challenges ahead and calmer about my progress. Growing up with a speech impediment from a young age, my confidence had suffered as a result. After working through this, I am now feeling happier in myself and my confidence is increasing everyday. I can not thank her enough for the process and the support.

Nick Williams (CEO KinCollective), Perth



I came to Jen feeling like I was adrift in life. I had take a few knocks in my personal and professional life and was struggling to navigate myself toward something real, something that would bring back the twinkle in my eye. I steeled myself to the fact I needed a little help.
 The first thing I noticed about Jen was her ability to get to the root cause my issues. She was direct and a little confronting, but that was what I needed.
With her guidance and and techniques we were able to find momentum and after 3 sessions, I saw a renewed man in the mirror. Since identifying with  blockages limiting my happiness and success,  Jen helped me cast them aside and now I am poised- ready to take on the world again. Thanks Jen :-)

Kieran Emery (Oil & Gas), Perth


Unstuck and Moving Again

"When I signed up for 3 months with Jen I was feeling desperate for help with constant indecision, self loathing and feeling unloved!  Stressing out and tears were regular occurrences. But I didn't want a counsellor to spend weeks digging up the past - I already knew where Id come from. I just needed to get unstuck and move forward from that point!  I chose Jen for her strength and compassion, that she would be devils advocate as much as unconditional supporter. And she was.  

To really make progress you have to confront the issues directly and deal with them honestly in order to move forward. Even when I felt like crawling into a black pit, (again!) Jen ensured I didn't back away from the tough moments and faced my fears and the need to change my own behaviours.  Yes I had to do some hard tasks and I am always a work in progress, but it is so great to feel good about myself again and have the tools to keep on track. Jen has given me those tools and helped me rediscover and maintain my mind power, self belief and faith. I know the Universe will deliver the 'how' as long as I stand strong and clear on 'what' I want. And it's already happening... Thanks Jen!

If anyone hesitates about spending money on life coaching, think about what value you put on your emotional health?  Getting back in control and believing in yourself and your future is priceless. Life is not a practice run!  Call Jen... You won't regret it!"

Margi Bryant, New Zealand


Career Paths

If you have an idea or career that you want to pursue but it all seems too vague, Jen will help get you there. I was sick of being told to "get in the real world", and that "everyone hates their job, it's just the way it is."

When I first started working with Jen I had 5 very different ideas of possible career paths to go down. Jen gave me the skill set and actual strategies to work out what it is exactly that I want to do. I have now been able to incorporate the other possible career paths as hobbies in my life, but have found the courage to pursue my real passion.

People often say to me, "you're so lucky to have a passion, I don't have anything like that in my life". Well I didn't originally either. You have to put the effort in to discover what yours is. I absolutely love my work now and there is no such thing as dreading Mondays. That's the best part.

Jen has provided me with endless guidance and direction to find a job that I love. Now I get genuinely excited to start work each day.

Belinda, Perth


More Than Helpful

My experience with Jen was more then helpful. During my sessions I learnt to deal with emotions & negative thinking.
Looking back I think I have definitely come a long way, I have gone from suicide as being my only option to being able to take a deep breath & be happy to get on with it. I find it a lot easier to face problems now & am noticing my normal self is slowly coming back. Thank you Jen

Ellie, Perth


Kicking Goals

Never give up on your dreams – you can turn it into reality and this is where Jen will be able to help you. You may have seen me in the August edition of Oxygen Magazine as the ‘Aussie Inspiration’ and I think its fair to say that in the last 3 years the only constant in my life has been change – and it has been very tough, but with Jen’s help I got through it and have really been kicking some goals. It was just what I needed in helping me overcome my own fears, doubts and insecurities.

Sarah Taylor, Melbourne


Getting Rid of Baggage

What a journey it has been and the realisation I had so much baggage and sticking points.
Initially I thought it was I do not deserve to be successful so then the procrastination and the old sabotage techniques would come into play and being happy came with consequences. I was reading an article that Jen Atkins had written in the Women’s Oxygen magazine which hit home and I just had to get in contact with her and so my journey began.

I was so unhappy with myself as I thought I knew it all as I had been a monthly winner of the body transformation (vol 12 no 11) which at the time I was 49 years old and lost 8.2kg and looked great (happy? not so sure about that one?), then found myself at 55 years old being the old frumpy woman I did not want to be, weighing in at 64 kg the heaviest I had been in my life. I kept thinking why is this happening to me?
After a few sessions with Jen she was able to help me realise that I was carrying my past around with me.
When you have a light bulb moment, it is a fantastic feeling and a great moment in your life.
A big thank you goes to Jen Atkins as she has given me the tools to sort out my life which I would not be able to achieve by myself. Life is great.

Trish Bates, Victoria


Back on Track

During a period in my life when I needed some direction and guidance, Jens approach was instrumental in putting me back on track. Her method was not prescriptive, instead she asked the right questions enabling me to come to my own conclusions about what was the best approach for me. Jen is approachable, caring and full of energy and I immediately felt at ease in her company. I would highly recommend Jen.

Jarrod, Cloonmore Mining & Energy (Jakarta)


Taking Control Again

I cannot thank you enough for empowering me to take control of my life again.  When first starting our sessions, I was feeling fragmented and lacking confidence in my abilities. However, by being able to discover the causes of my issues we were able to address these and make a plan in moving forward. I have now made positive and profound changes and really look forward to my future.

Ann, North Perth


Happy and Healthy

My journey with Jen has been amazing, I went from thinking very negative thoughts about myself and believing them, to actually being happy to be me. Jen spent time helping me work out just what was holding me back, and when I realized what that was, I was able to progress in being the happy healthy person I craved to be.  All of the little mind tricks Jen has taught me are so easy to do, and really do work. One thing for me is I am very glad of the 12 month commitment, as  in my case I was having such great success, but when a situation arose to throw me off course, I was able to catch up with Jen and get straight back on track.

Jasmine, Kalgoorlie


Effective Skills for Goal Setting

Just a quick email to let you know that I am now living in Sydney working as a TV presenter, just landed my dream job presenting a travel show in Europe and loving life. Missing my family but took a leap and made the move...I remember talking to you about it during our sessions and I finally did it so thank you so much for all your help...see you're making a difference to people's lives, especially to mine! And I use the skills you taught me about goal setting every day, your life coaching has been invaluable to me.



Helpful Already

"I feel great after just one session, I can't thank you enough. I just  keep thinking how much better I could do with a month's worth! I can  barely think about what was troubling me. I feel so light and happy. Thank you so much. I'm just loving everything at the moment and just in time for my birthday.  The only thing I need to do is to come and see you again soon as I  can."



Why Can't You Do It?

I was reaching a stage in my life where I thought the wheels were falling off.  My diet, my career and relationships to an extent were seemingly crumbling around me and I felt that nothing was working anymore.  After closing down a business and struggling with going back to the day to day routine I stumbled across Jen's website and proceeded to find out what coaching could do for me.  Jen is seriously good at "digging" up what is limiting you and making a positive outcome happen.  Basically in the space of a month, Jen had helped me find out something about myself that  had been bugging me for a long time that affected my diet and sometimes even my job.  Jen teaches you how to explore what is going on in your head rather than just taking things for what they are.  Through this I realised that boredom was my number one threat to a better body and a better career.  Jen's positive, "why can't you do it?" attitude helped me secure a job with a company that I was working for previously and made me understand that without a goal to achieve, life can become very bleak.  Once again, Jen's coaching is seriously awesome.  I know when I reach my inventory stage in my side business I will be coming back to Jen for more wisdom to take it to the next level.  Thanks Jen!



Positive Outlook Back

After a few months of feeling down without really knowing why, I decided that I needed to seek out someone to help me as it was starting to affect my work, my family, my friendships and my weight. After seeing Jen’s website I decided to give her a call and I’m so glad I did. After just two meetings things started to turn around and then the change gathered momentum and life is now better than ever. I’m thinking clearer, I have a positive outlook on things that were dominated by negativity and instead of having to ‘find thirty’, exercise is now a priority in my day.
The best part for me was when after only 3 weeks a work colleague came to me and asked what had changed me so much since I was now ‘so happy and full of life’.
I would recommend Jen’s program for anyone that may be at crossroads in life, wants to change their lifestyle with more focus on health and positivity or anyone that just wants some help to get that little bit extra out of themselves.



Greater Clarity

I found my coaching with Jen helped me gain helpful insights and greater clarity by clearing the fear, limiting beliefs and emotions that kept cropping up. Sometimes it is intensely painful to be that honest with yourself but the satisfaction of meeting the challenges head on is uplifting, and far exceeds the pain of not following through on your dream!
I am so grateful for this. 



Achieving Balance

I thought the sessions were great. I have learnt a lot about myself and what I want to achieve in my life. I have learnt about creating balance and how to go about achieving that in order to be successful. The biggest thing was being given the tools and the knowledge of how to apply them to all areas of my life to achieve the success I want for me and my family. I have been able to eliminate unhealthy foods from my diet and I feel a lot better e.g. coffee, chocolate, cool drink. This now comes easily for me.
My Business is going much better and I now have an ‘abundance mindset’ and no longer have limitations in my thinking about wealth. As a result of this I have experienced more opportunities and work seems to be flowing into my business more. I have enjoyed the coaching and I would definitely recommend it.

Michael Little

(Michael Little Designs - Commercial Specialist)


Fast Results

After meeting with you, I really felt like you were the person that could really help inspire and teach me to reach the unlimited potential that I know I have inside, and have been waiting to reach for such a long time.
After our meeting things improved immediately - you inspired me in that short window.
I think that you are an inspirational person and I can see many people would flourish under your guidance - what you provide and how you present it makes it so tangible that you can almost reach out and touch your own success, whilst  knowing that the work required to get there will be worth every step of the journey.



Tools For Success

Before I spoke to Jen, I was overweight and felt ugly, ashamed and thought of myself inwardly as a big fat, ugly worthless person.  To other people I showed this happy, fun, well adjusted person, who has a loving family, nice home and great job however I knew something was holding me back as I felt like I was always sabotaging myself from being truly a fulfilled person and that’s when I thought maybe I should try the Jenesis TOTAL Mind and Body program and OMG I wish I had access to something like this years ago.

I have tried every diet under the sun and always managed to lose weight but of course gained it all back and some over time. What I did not know was that being overweight had nothing to do with food.  With Jen, who by the way is an absolute gem, helped me release the issues that were causing me to be overweight and she gave me the tools to work with and the rest is just so easy. Too good to be true comes to mind but it truly works and is much easier than you could ever believe - you just need Jen to help you get there. 

I cannot overstate the value of this program and it was achieved in only two days!!!!

I am amazed at how good I feel about every part of my life. I have been holding myself back in so many aspects of my life and was not even aware of it; Jen cleared all the negative issues I had (which I was not even aware of) and now I feel  really truly free and empowered and completely in control of my life - do you know how awesome that is?

This absolutely works and to everyone, I say in the words of the Nike ads……..Just Do It , IT WILL BE THE BEST THING YOU EVER DO.



Winning at Life

I approached Jen to help with me losing some unwanted weight after years of trying every diet and fitness program known to man with little to no success. No matter what I tried and how hard I exercised, my weight still managed to creep up year by year. I was a mess when I first saw Jen, breaking into tears just telling her about my life in general. I hoped that Jen's approach would work but there was still a very big part of me that didn't really believe it was possible - after all, I had failed so many other times.  

At the start we didn't even talk about weight loss specifically, but focused more on clearing all the negative emotions that were causing me to eat. What has happened since then has absolutely amazed me. Without me even trying, I no longer crave "bad" foods. Making the decision between a sausage roll and a salad sandwich is a no-brainer. Exercise is something I can't wait to do. One week when I had hurt my back and couldn't exercise, I jumped on the scales expecting to see that the weight had piled back on, but much to my shock I had continued to lose weight! My body now knows what it needs to do. 

The effects have extended far beyond losing my unwanted fat too. In just a few short weeks since clearing those negative emotions I have mended some deeply damaged relationships within my family, I am closer to my husband and I am crossing goals off my "to do" list like a woman possessed! Basically, I feel like I'm winning at life. I'm now constantly happy with a smile on my face for no particular reason...all while rocking the skirt I couldn't fit into last year! 

My only regret is not allowing myself to do this sooner. I’m excited for what the future now holds for me.




Going to see a life coach about something as insignificant as a few extra kilos at first seemed highly self-indulgent.  However, after working through the sessions with Jen, I am so glad I decided to jump in feet first and tackle an issue that has been hanging around for years.

Talking through the mind-field that is emotional eating was the key I needed to make sense of the deprive - eat - guilt roundabout that many of us, including myself, jump on and never get off.

Jen provided me with many strategies that have helped me to eat mindfully and with enjoyment, not angst.  Kilos gave come off and I feel confident that there is more to come but best of all, I am feeling as though I am finally letting go of the preoccupation with food and weight that has been a companion for a long time. Freedom!



Powerful Strategies

The coaching program with Jennifer Atkins has been a real revelation for me. In my constant battle to lose weight - this time for good - I literally stumbled across Jennifer Atkins who assured me her approach was different. Jen's insight into the human psyche has been an amazing experience. I now benefit from a changed attitude and a changed way of thinking. Hunger for me had very little to with food and Jen provided me with some powerful strategies to help me understand/see what I was really hungry for. Thanks Jen 



Explanations and Solutions

I know that there's more to life than eating, and it's not my mission to eat all the food I can. A few months ago I could not honestly speak that sentence. The coaching program has released me from feeling as though I'm a slave to food and living from meal to meal clutching to my treat day (which would often end up as a treat week), it's broken my belief that I have a relationship with food (whether good or bad) and I now see it as it is - a source of fuel for my body & something to be savoured and enjoyed not something I use to attempt to immediately satisfy my mind and emotions. It doesn't consume my every thought and I no longer have constant cravings, if any cravings at all. I had a small scoop of ice cream with a friend the other night, I ate it slowly, was aware of all of my senses and was left feeling completely satisfied and not wanting more more more. It was the best ice cream I'd ever eaten yet I haven't wanted any since. I also have an open block of chocolate in my fridge that's been there untouched for over a week, that's a big deal for me.

I always thought my problem was not being able to resist food which is why all other weight loss attempts resulted in rebound weight-gain as soon as the diet was over, the coaching made me aware that eating was my reaction to underlying issues. It's really not about the food. Just being asked a simple question or prompted to list triggers made me aware of many subconscious thoughts that were causing these unhealthy actions and reactions. Much to my surprise often this awareness alone was enough to stop the limiting beliefs and destructive thoughts.

The coaching is nothing like I thought it would be, there's no preaching, no consequences, no rules, no blame. Just explanations and solutions. The focus is rarely on what I think the problem is. I started the program to lose weight so I was expecting a strict diet and exercise plan, but we just worked through things from my past that I couldn't let go of, and talk about how I'm feeling - why I don't love myself (I didn't know I didn't love myself, I'd never thought about it before), why I thought I didn't deserve to lose weight and why I'm afraid to be thin (it's true!!). Address the issue and the weight sneaks off. A long term solution rather than a quick fix. There's no strange "stare at the swinging pendant", it's simply thinking about things in a different way. It's all about me and up to me, willpower doesn't even come into it. It's the first time I've ever felt empowered.

I can't believe how long I imprisoned myself because I didn't want to part with the money to pay for the coaching. It's been worth every cent and I'm only two thirds of the way through. If you think you don't have the willpower to lose weight or keep it off then please please please help yourself and work with Jen because you obviously have some things in your life (ie in your mind not in the pantry!) that are holding you back from being the best you!



Out Of A Rut

After spending seven years living in a rut, I was lacking direction and belief in myself and was struggling to work out what I wanted from my life and my career.  Jen helped me to focus.  She offered different alternatives and perspectives to my behaviour in the past and helped me to devise strategies to help with decision making and problem solving in the future.

Although I still have moments of weakness where I fail to believe in my own ability to achieve, the strategies I learnt are able to help me take that first step into the unknown and to at least try.  So far my attempts have all been met with success which gives me the courage to continue to put my hopes and dreams into action.

Jen is easy to talk to, supportive and patient.  She genuinely cares about her clients.  I felt safe and connected and at no time did I feel any judgement.  I also know that when I require her help to re-encourage and inspire, she is only a phone call away.

 It was through working with Jen that I gained the confidence to turn my life around and I look forward to bigger and better things in the future.

 I wish Jen great success with “Jenesis Mind & Body” and suggest that anyone who needs support to make changes in their lives give her a call.



Things Come Easier Now

Waking up and facing the day ahead used to be so unappealing to me.I am a mother of four young boys and was finding everyday busy and a mundane routine that didn’t inspire or motivate me to better myself or make any changes that were positive.I forgot how to have fun and small things would become a big deal.My family was suffering.

Jen really helped me turn it all around.Her positive outlook on life is so infectious.The sessions that we have had have been such a motivating experience.Jen has helped me to put realistic goals into place and constantly motivates me to reach those goals.She has showed me how to move forward and to make positive changes that have made each day a more enjoyable experience.She has taught me to never under estimate myself and to always aim high.

Each session has been so inspiring.I am so comfortable sharing with Jen because I know that anything said is not judged and remains in strict confidence.

It has been such an empowering experience moving forward in my life. Everything seems to come so much easier and when the road gets rough I know that Jen is there to support and encourage me.

I can’t thank you enough Jen. You’re a true professional and a wonderful friend.Anybody who reads this and is searching for a way to get the best out of your life I highly recommend you contact Jen.



Making Life Happen

My decision to invest in you and not a Tiffanies ring was a bloody excellent one.  I have this deep sense of peace that I have never really had before. I feel happy almost all of the time. I truly love my life and I feel like I smile much more and frown much less. Life does not happen to me anymore, I make life happen and I feel so privileged that a woman of your calibre came into my life and taught me how to be the best Bec. You are very inspiring and you have given me more than I could have hoped or dreamed of when I started out this particular journey. 



Helpfool Tools

Most people see life coaching as a negative thing for people who have something wrong with them. This is a serious misconception. I feel I have grown more as a person in the last 12 weeks than I have in 2 years. I have achieved more goals in 12 weeks with Jen than in 2 years. I feel so happy, confident and assertive. Jen has given me the tools I need to take my life to the next level and I am forever grateful. Thank you so much.



New Outlook

Thank-you for all that you have done for me.I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with you and all that you have taught me.There really are not enough word to express how thankful I am for the work that we did together.  So many people - including my "partner" - see life coaching as being weird or a waste of time, and it absolutely is not!  I think I still would have been in the same rut, being miserable with my job, appearance and living situation, if it hadn't been for you.  Thank-you so much for everything.

When I met you, I was struggling with many aspects of my life – my health, my career, my interpersonal relationships, you name it! You helped me to listen to myself and figure out what I really want out of life.I was able to make many positive changes in my life and to find the courage to leave the situations that were causing me so much negativity. Most importantly, you helped me to know that it’s OK to speak your mind and go after the things you want in life, even if it means going down a different path from what others expect out of you.I now have the confidence to achieve my goals and live my best life.

Thank-you again for everything.It has been a pleasure working with you.You have been a wonderful friend to me, and I really appreciated knowing that I could count on you at anytime when I was struggling.It’s great to know that there’s someone out there that supports me and is cheering me on no matter what.



New Self Awareness

After only one session I left with a new sense of awareness about myself. I felt positive with a new desire to move forward with my life and achieve my own goals.  Thank you.



On Track

My own world, my one and only life is completely and totally 100% on track. I cannot believe the place I was only one year ago. Not that I like to think back to those times often, I’m too busy looking forward, but sometimes I find myself thinking back, to reflect and reposition and reconfirm within myself of who and what I am and my own potential and the amazing people in my world. Thank you for spending time with me and putting my options in front of me and making me realise my potential. You rock!!



Realising My Potential

Thanks to your amazing life coaching I am now working as a part time TV presenter and have just started my own skincare business in WA. I am so much happier and almost completely stress free - still using the tools you gave me to get through every day.



Career Direction

I feel a lot more empowered and feel that I now give myself  proper due diligence and proper respect. The whole process has helped me find the direction I needed in my career. My mind-set is different.



Changed My Thinking

The best thing I ever did was to contact Jen and make that first appointment. It has changed my life forever and I will never look back again! Jen has helped me change my thoughts about life and has helped me be the person I want to be. I have lost one dress size. I stopped having to take medication for high blood pressure. I am more confident and love myself more than ever. I am happy and content with life. I have also achieved the feeling of being fit and healthy. I used to struggle to walk for 15 -20 minutes and I now do 1 hour classes of boxing and pump and can also run on the treadmill!! I am so extremely happy that I did meet Jen. She is one in million and she is so caring and supportive. Thank you Jen for being part of my life and making it better. You are awesome and I owe you so much.



More Self Belief

I am much more clear about what it is that causes me to eat inappropriately: practical and emotional reasons.  I have much more self-belief and I don’t beat myself up nearly so much when I make mistakes.  I am starting to learn from mistakes and see them as feedback.  Therefore I have made a lot of progress in terms of weight loss and I’m starting to see this is about changing habits for a lifetime.  I can now say diets are stupid!
For anyone  who is planning to lose weight I’d highly recommend Jenesis mind and body to help clear limiting beliefs.  We all know the theory  about weight loss and wish it was so simple but  Jen has made  it so much  easier for me.  She has a  great balance of style in that she is warm and supportive but at the  same time challenging and pushes me out of my comfort zone.  She works at my  pace but doesn’t let me slack.



Focusing on The Future

Before seeing Jen, I felt like a loser, totally down and out, exhausted and overwhelmed by life and past negative experiences.
I’d always been able to pick myself up and push myself to keep going, but after so many years of the same struggle and to only find things getting worse and worse, I felt my life was just one big downward spiral. It seem that no matter what self-help methods I used, how many attempts I made or how hard I tried, my negative sense of self was just too powerful.
I had always thought I would never give up on my dreams and of living to my fullest potential, but I was at a point where I felt buried under so much failure, that my hopes for positive change had almost been completely defeated. It seemed everything I had fought so hard to change within myself would simply fight back stronger and harder.
For me seeing Jen really felt like a last final attempt for me to actively help myself.
Working with Jen was brilliant! It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself, as I can honestly say FINALLY something has truly worked for me!
Although I felt completely ashamed of the mess my life was in, I never felt judged by Jen, I loved that she was so positive and she always treated me with respect. I’d never had someone before believe in me like Jen did, always encouraging me to reach for the stars and to grab them with both hands!
The first few sessions with Jen were dedicated to releasing me from past emotional blocks through NLP. Jen was very professional, always monitoring my progress and making sure I was getting the results I desired.
To my absolute surprise I could feel things shifting within me straight away! Along with the extra tools Jen gave me, I was amazed to find it wasn’t long before I didn’t feel the need to focus on painful experiences anymore and I instead began focusing on the positive.
For the first time in my life my future looked brighter by simply using the many tools and logical helpful advice Jen gave to me. Although some of these tools I had already tried in the past but to no avail, I found working with Jen was the missing link to success, as she taught me how to really make the tools work for me and how to integrate them into my life until they became habitual.
I now know I hold the controls to my emotions and that it’s up to me to choose how I want to feel. When something bad happens and I begin to feel despondent, it doesn’t hold me down like before, because I now know how to get over it, to re-focus and to get back on track!
I absolutely 100% recommend Jen! After all she helped pull me out of a very dark place, something no therapist, self help book or medication has been able to do.
I honestly can’t thank Jen enough, she’s helped me get started on a brand new positive life!



Understand and Overcome My Fears

Working with Jen has helped me to recognise my own strengths, to value myself and to help me discover who I am and what I want for my life.  She asked the right questions so that I could find my own answers.  She encouraged me so that I felt sure of my abilities and proved my own sense of self worth.  She helped me to recognise my fears and gave me the tools and guidance to overcome them.  Once I was able to identify my fears, it was easier to overcome them and keep them from stopping me on my journey to a more meaningful and full life.  She kept me focused on what I wanted to change in my life and the steps necessary to achieve that change.  I am on my way to a happier and healthier future thanks to the work that I did with Jen.



Self Control

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the work you did with me. I'm feeling fantastic and acting & thinking like a normal person - hooray! The weight loss has been slower than I expected, but it's been steady and no regression and I'm not even that bothered by it anymore anyway. I didn't think I'd lost any weight (and it's hard to tell without scales!) but over Easter all my family kept saying how great I was looking, so on the weekend I tried on some jeans that I haven't been able to pull up over my thighs for months and they actually fit without muffin top! I'm so much more organised. I manage to fit in 30 minutes of exercise most days and have been automatically reaching for simple, healthy snacks. Really the only tool I'm having to use is to pause and listen to my body and think about how I'll feel after I do/eat what I know I should, the rest is just automatic. I can even stop eating when I'm full without being conscious of it.



*please note, only first names have been used by request as clients wish to maintain their anonymity, which is respected by us at all times.