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We provide a combination of the most effective life improvement methods and techniques to ensure optimum results for you in minimum time. Our life coach programs includes:





Jenesis Mind & Body Life Coaching Providing Individual solutions to realise your potential As your life coach we can help you to:



  • Set and achieve ALL your goals in life

  • Create a success mindset

  • Get commitment to a strategy

  • Take advantage of opportunities

  • Manage your time to get the most out of every day

  • Make better decisions

  • Enhance your work performance

  • Eliminate stress

  • Free yourself from unwanted habits and limiting beliefs

  • Feel empowered and create the changes you want

  • Take your life to the next level

  • Gain clarity on your life and where you are heading

  • Lose fat and get off the diet merry-go-round permanently

  • Manage stress

  • Increase your happiness and self-esteem

  • Attain work/life balance

  • Have more energy and vitality

  • Stop self-sabotage

  • Achieve optimum health & fitness

  • Create better relationships

  • Improve your sports performance (for professionals & amateurs)

  • Enhance your professional life and career performance

  • Overcome your fears

  • Have sales confidence and motivation

  • Create wealth and abundance

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Create instant rapport

  • Overcome grief and loss

  • Overcome Depression

  • Overcome Anxiety

  • Improve your Self worth and confidence

  • Enhance your personal relationships

  • Gain control and get the most out of your life




Making a difference

Jenesis Mind & Body is dedicated to creating an extraordinary life for you by providing the strategies, tools and resources to develop an individual program which is designed to guide, empower and encourage you to not only discover what it is you most want in life but how to achieve it.

An outstanding life begins with optimum health and the correct mindset. Without either of these you will fall short of a compelling, fulfilling and inspiring life that each of us deserves. The Mind & Body are one. Attention to these two areas will create quantum changes that you never thought possible.

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Jen has been a regular contributor to Oxygen Magazine since December 2008.
As a Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Personal Trainer she has a wealth of experience and knowledge in helping people achieve their health, fitness and life goals.
Jen is an expert in clearing negative beliefs and breaking through the obstacles that hold people back. 

It is her passion to help people realise their potential and through her articles in Oxygen she hopes to inspire, motivate, and challenge you to be your best.

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