Career Coaching
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Jenesis Mind and Body
Jenesis Mind and Body
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Career Coaching

Get yourself on the right path

Career Coaching with Jenesis Mind & Body focuses on discovering your passion and developing your strengths.

We will coach you through work and career decisions, transitions, or issues around your career.

What if you could wake up every day and look forward to going to work.

We will help you to:

  1. Explore and better define your professional competencies.
  2. Address personal issues impacting on your career.
  3. Clearly identify your career objectives.
  4. Discuss and resolve obstacles to employment and career success.
  5. Guide you in developing both short-term and long-range career strategies.
  6. Assist you in developing, executing and managing a successful job search campaign.
  7. Prepare you to competitively interview, negotiate compensation and evaluate offers.


In addition, we will support you throughout your career with ongoing guidance and support for long-term career planning, management and advancement. We are here to help you succeed in any career field and work hard to make sure you find the best jobs Australia has to offer!